news (june 20th, 2024)


june 20th

Retro Gamer interview about the Nuon/Nuance efforts..


october 24th

Visual Pinball X 10.7.2 and Visual PinMAME 3.5 released..


december 24th

Visual Pinball X 10.7.0 and Visual PinMAME 3.4 released..


september 19th

Nuance - The NUON Emulator 0.6.1 released..


april 13th

Visual Pinball X 10.6.2 and Visual PinMAME 3.3 released (both already earlier this year, but missed to update here :/ )..


may 28th

Nuance - The NUON Emulator 0.6.0 released..

Preserving (and improving) emulation technology in honour of Mike Perry!


october 6th

Visual Pinball X 10.6.0 and Visual PinMAME 3.2 released..


july 29th

Visual Pinball X 10.5.0 and Visual PinMAME 3.1 released..


december 24th

Visual Pinball X 10.4.0 and Visual PinMAME 3.0 released..


june 12th

Visual Pinball X 10.3.0 and Visual PinMAME 2.9 released..


december 27th

Visual Pinball X 10.2.0 and Visual PinMAME 2.8 are out since a few days..


june 9th

Visual Pinball X 10.1.0 and Visual PinMAME 2.7 available..


december 24th

Visual Pinball X 10.0.0 and 9.9.2 and Visual PinMAME 2.6 released..

completely overhauled rendering, physics, materials, table elements, etcetc..


april 29th

Visual Pinball 9.9.0 released, now fully on DX9..


march 5th

Visual Pinball 9.2.1 released, the final one to use the stoneold DX7.. :)


december 19th

Visual Pinball 9.2.0 released, as kind of an early xmas present..


october 21st

Visual Pinball 9.1.3 released, get it while it's hot..


november 25th

dmdpaint updated (reduce memory usage by downsizing undobuffer)..


november 22nd

dmdpaint updated (bugfixes)..


november 21st

dmdpaint updated (animated gif support added)..


november 18th

dmdpaint updated (future pinball dmdf support added)..


april 9th

dmdpaint updated (variable colordepth, etc.)..


july 22nd

ntt050 released..

check this out, it's a freakin bomb!


june 21st

best homebrew game ever: streets of rage remake..

especially the soundtrack remixes are out of this world..


march 23rd

also put it up here..


march 22nd

download available at entity..


march 20th

release is almost ready.. keep checking entity..


march 3rd

more details on the history of the game here


february 25th

after way too much developing time, the new game is definetly coming up soon..
look here for a short history on the project..


november 20th

while browsing my oldskool CDRs i found this little homemade-gem:
Rumble in Neustadt

a hq DOS shoot'em up.. check this out!


may 21st

new tool: dmdpaint


january 25th


tsunami 2010 got another user muzic mod pack (goa/psytrance)

other news:

new game coming in some weeks (hopefully ;)


may 31st


mbm 2000 received a windows and linux port
thanx a hundred times to Markus Trenkwalder for making this possible


may 2nd


tsunami 2010 now features user-configurable input


april 13th

you can play doom on ipod, dreamcast, handy and a whole bunch of other platforms nowadays
so it's about time to re-release the oldest ainc. production ever done:



december 20th

download all the demos from the show in one package


november 29th

new demoshow on december 19th at the Uni Ulm again..


september 1st

prepare yourself for the next release by visiting entity


august 21st

the first 4k release
(live from buenzli 14 party)
co-introducing our new coder catalytic

btw: you should check out nitro's vectrex masterpiece


march 28th

Presswurst 3D
(live from breakpoint05 party)


march 3rd

winnerdemo (final)
fixes a small bug and also is more compact


december 23rd

merry xmas!

toxie delivers a present for all tsunami 2010-lovers:
enter yourself as 'CHW' (hallo, frau elbin :)
into the highscore-list and you'll receive a fast-forward-level-skip by pressing 'n' during gameplay


december 13th

check this: waterworld screensaver regulary featured on tv


december 11th

out of no-where II:
new version of wavelet 0.7..


december 9th

wanna see some of the "old" psychedelic ainc.-demos on a bigscreen again?
while tripping to fine psy-trance and goa?
just visit the Adrenochrome Prod. Beats The Psy Mafia party on december 10th in GŁtersloh


december 3rd

the demoshow was a huge success.
releases shown (and not shown) and slides can be found right here


november 23rd

ainc. is again presenting the demoshow (part 4)
on december 2nd, 18.00 at the uni ulm (O28/H22)..


july 19th

out of no-where:
new fpcx 0.1.3...


april 13th

ainc. + voz ruling the breakpoint 2k4 party!
check this and this..


december 25th

merry xmas!
ready for TUM?!


august 31st

what the f**k is the new ainc-demo all about?
buenzli12-party ruled big times by the way.. thx to the orgas..


june 26th

a small ainc/tsunami2010-article in this month's
pc action video game magazine..

watch the scan: article+screenshot in 07/03


june 22nd

wicked ainc/tsunami2010-appearance in this month's
edge video game magazine..

watch these scans: article+screenshots in #125 frontpage of #125


june 2nd

a new uni-ulm-demoshow on thursday the 5th..
check out the flyer..


may 5th

hopper^tsq delivers us a little goodie:
the c++ version of the texture generator/synthesizer-source..

and tsunami 2010 has some new add-ons/tiny faq..


april 22nd

1: guest appearance in the rockin' tsq demo "squoquo's mansion"..
get it on the tsq-homepage..

2: ainc. ruled the 96kb-game-compo with this game.. ;)

3: breakpoint03 was SO great..
thanx to never,tsq,voz,sdi,madwizards,.. for heavy partying with the ainc-crew.. :)
better hope those pictures/vids shot there never get public.. ;)


january 27th

believe it or not..
ainc. was productive during the last weeks..

the new game is 99.9% done..
release is although delayed 'til easter-weekend.. >)
beta-testers are welcome..

and check out the new demo from the great 0a000h-party..

a new version of the AiD will also arrive soon..


november 6th

ainc and voz are hosting a c64-demoshow this friday (november 8th)..
oldskool electronic art and bizarre c64 stuff for all people who still love the good ol' "brotkasten"..

location: university ulm, h22
time: 20.00
costs: 0,-


november 3rd

due to personal lameness
(or: real life rulez more then dealing with 0's and 1's! ;)
the "new" ainc-game (and other stuff) is delayed.. :(

new lo-res screenshots: 1 2 3


october 23th

update for the wavelet-stuff..

and update for the texture-synth..
(new fx and gui-design-stack-update)


august 30th

first shot of the new ainc-"baby"..

can't wait to see this release.. :)
but still some more weeks(?!) to finish it.. :(


juli 20th

just a small "interruption":
you might wanna checkout the guest-appearance in pain07/02's outro.. ;)


june 17th

sorry for not updating the page the last months.. :(

ainc is still alive! ;)
and creating new eye/earcandy stuff..
hinthinthint: back to where it all began..


april 2nd

ms2k2 was the BEST party ever!

bad news: c64 was shit! but some (very un-ihlaid and friendly!) crest and oxyron members told me that they were just too lazy finishing some cool c64-stuff.. ;)

bad news(2): the orgas have made a pre-selection for the pc-demos! this suckz.. i'm sorry for those that were not shown on the big screen although their productions kicked ass (sdi,cdx,tpolm,..)! :(

bad news(3): we placed 17th with this pc-demo..

good news: 17th means: 17th out of 42 (!!!!!!) pc-demos..

good news(2): 'bout 20-25 of the pc-demos totally rock! compare the quality of them to the releases inbetween ms2k1 -> ms2k2! can you find another 25 good demos in this time? ;)

good news(3): another fast intro.. (is this good news? ;)

good news(4): amiga again kicked the pcee's ass! unbelievable stuff released on these machines! potion and tbl are the gods! ;)


march 2nd

what about this 'little' goodie? the ainc demoeditor (made by nitro)..

used with your own 2d/3d-engine it delivers
easy REALTIME handling, editing AND preview of your engine-effects..
some art developed with the aid-editor can be seen on ms2k2.. :)


february 12th

a new member in the ainc-family: nitro
see some of his efforts on ms2k2.. we will dominate.. ;)


january 28th

0a000h was a very nicccce party (check out the 256/64/32byte intros!)..
and resulted in a new release..


december 12th

wanna meet the toxic avenger ;) and living near southern-germany/stuttgart?
check out 0a000h and come along..


december 10th

an introduction to 3d-gfx-coding has been included on the tutorials page..


november 8th

new texture 0.4..
more layer combiners and smaller download..


september 20th

updated waterworld..
new fx and more compatible!


august 28th

sorry.. no new stuff released the last (and also the next) weeks.. :(
but you may expect updates for some things.. :)
and some really 'different' art and progs in the making..

btw: anyone checked out visual pinball/pinmame?


july 9th

again: texture v.0.3..
gimme effects.. gimme speed.. gimme variable resolutions for the editor.. ;)


june 4th

the updates never stop: texture v.0.2..
blasting ya head with new effects and features!


may 19th

updated pac-attack..
-should work on fast (200MHz+) pc's now
-but still buggy on modern videocard's


may 16th

updated 232 demo released..
-workaround for some sound driver (division by zero) errors
-smaller size, but better image quality ;)

same shit done for the fast intro..


may 5th

part four.. maybe last? ;)
new wavelet v.0.6 arrives..


april 19th

part three..
the pictures from 232 and other new ones..


april 18th

part two..
check out the new demo..
and the intro page..


april 6th

part one of the release-o-rama starts today.. =)
check out the screensaver page..


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