haar wavelet v.0.7
added command line encoder utility

haar wavelet v.0.6b
new YUV color model (better compression)
increased RLE compression
0.6b: slightly faster code
0.6b: streaming by Armindo aka ADS

haar wavelet v.0.5b
old RGB color model ("easy" source code)

haar wavelet is a (delphi-)program to
create wavelet-compressed pictures..

the resulting files can be used with delphi
or fpc by including the haar wavelet-unit
also included in this package..


.sample code to use with fpc or delphi
.easy loading of pictures
.full source code (public domain)
.easy making of compressed pictures
.realtime preview =)

was used for a long time by A+S Consult GmbH FuE to compress VERY large picture-data (1000MB+)

introduction to the wavelet-technology (.doc/german)


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