-life and stuff-

poposchnuller blog read about our real life (VOZ/AINC.) ;)
mr.fixy the "best" magician of sonnenstrand/bulgaria
stern pinball last pinball manufacturer on earth



yak/llamasoft coolest coder and hippie on planet earth
free pascal compiler(fpc) forget turbo/borland pascal and get real



pinmame play the real arcade pinball machines on your pcee
VPforums virtual pinball forum for all your emulation needs another premium dc-emu-news-page


-scene- t h e  scene-server
squoquo wicked german demogroup
metalvotze c64 "demo"group ;)
mekka/symposium ex biggest german scene-party
breakpoint ex biggest german scene-party
evoke another german scene-party
the underground meeting VERY nice german scene-party right after xmas the scene-bbs of the future ;)



triplag radio best radio station EVER!
goacidia nice site with cd-covers, goa-mods.. german news bout goa-trance


-experimental techno-

entity free downloadable albums! you HAVE to take a look at this page



troma inc. splatter-trash at it's worst.. visit the makers of "top"-movies like "sgt. kabukiman n.y.p.d.",
"tromeo and juliet", "class of nuke'em high" or "cannibal: the musical"..
splatting image german underground film-mag


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